Thursday, November 20, 2008

Neo-Nazi Roland Rance Celebrates Holocaust Denier Cartoonist

Carlos Latuff is a Neo-Nazi Brazilian Arab "cartoonist" who specializes in anti-Semitic caricatures. He took second prize in the Iranian Holocaust Denial Cartoon Contest. (To the right, Latuff doing a Rance!) Latuff does not hide his naziness. Rance does.

Roland Rance insists that Latuff is not an anti-Semite at all! Denying the Holocaust is not anti-Semitic, in the "mind" of this great "thinker." We were wondering, if someone were to string up Rance on a gallows, would this make that person anti-Rance, or merely someone engaged in editorializing? On Wikipedia on Rance's user page the following appears dialogue appears:

Re: Carlos Latuff

To Rance: Are you aware that Latuff took second place in the Holocaust Cartoon exhibition in Tehran?
BTW, I have an ex-gf living in Walthamstow. Between 2004-2005 I was there quite a bit.
Telaviv1 (talk) 16:03, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

Rance Responds: Yes, I knew that. But it doesn't make him an antisemite; and the cartoon and text I have placed on my user page are certainly not anti-Jewish. As you will realise from looking at my edits, and also if you are aware of my non-Wikipedia activity, there is a specific target for these; and it is neither the WZO nor the BNP.
RolandR (talk) 16:28, 20 November 2008 (UTC)

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Difference

Quick - what is the difference between Neo-Nazi Roland Rance and Neo-Nazi Gilad Atzmon?

Answer: The Lipstick!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Auntie Ziona Blog Mocks Buggerance

The Auntie Ziona blog, here, has a really funny posting making fun of the whining Rance, whom they call tRance. They write, inter alia:

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Is tRance trying to bring a Shoah upon all of us?

Or is he a chafarferet?

When tRance arrived at my front door this afternoon, he was visibly shaken. He was wearing that blue and white pullover Mrs Mendelsohn knitted for him when he turned 18, that serves as a sort of security blanket which he brings out of the closet when things are not going well, or when he runs out of medication. The sleeve of the right arm was crusty again with dried snarly and his eyes were red and tearful."tRance'le," I said, "Mein Kinde, what's going on with you this time?"

He sniffled and made his way to my computer to show me this page from Wikipedia, where no less than 466 enemies of his are identified. "I can't take it any more, Auntie Ziona," he said. "I thought those video clips Tziga'le made of me, I mean the ones made by Azmond, Finkelstein, Gibsohn and Carter, would stop this hate campaign against me and make me a popular boychick. I was wrong. My list of enemies has expanded rather than contracted, and I don't know what to do any more!"

I had a look at the page and could not believe my eyes! So many people trying to stop agent 007.01 from carrying out his important work for Zion at Wikipedia, could it be true? I had to sit down. "And look at the horrible names they are coming up with here, Auntie Z.", he said, "such as Bash rrance, Bedwetter Rance, Diarrhea Rance,
HangTrot, Imprison RRance, and Rancie Stink. They despise me."

...."But tRancie," I said, "are you mad? You are collecting enemies the way Auntie Shelomi collects Hannukah recipes. ... and tRanci'le, have you ever asked yourself why they all despise you so much? Is it because you are such a wonderful man? We are talking here about hundreds of people. A researcher could use this material as a case study for anti-semitism!"

I managed to calm him down with some borscht and a promise that I would take him for lunch at Blooms on Saturday, but after he left, something occured to me. A crazy notion, to be sure, but knowing tRancie the way I do, it could be a distinct possibility. Could tRance'le himself be the person behind 95% of those so-called "sockpuppets", to make it seem that he is being attacked?

The blog entry included the wonderful picture of Buggerance himself, sitting with tie and jacket, contemplating the Saturday morning cartoon shows while sitting on the loo and trying to work out the workers' revolution strategy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Holocaust Denial among the Bugger Boys

Roland Rance is to Tony Greenstein as Monica was to Bill.

But now Workers Liberty web site has a new page devoted to the ravings of shoplifter and terror cheerleader Tony Greenstein, here. Among some of the commentary on the Stalinazi Greenstein:

Tony Greenstein and Genocide Denial
Submitted by MikeyMikey on 11 April, 2008

I see that Tony Greenstein continues to deny that Stalin had plans to kill Jews en masse. Louis Rapoport ( Stalin's War Against The Jews: The Doctors' Plot And The Soviet Solution New York: Free Press, 1990) has written a detailed account of the Stalin’s actions against the Jews. He states that after the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact "one of Stalin's first gifts to the Nazis was to turn over some 600 German Communists, most of them Jews, to the Gestapo at Brest-Litovsk in German-occupied Poland. “ He continues, “ Beginning in February 1940 in the Soviet-occupied zone of Poland, Beria's NKVD arrested and deported about one million Polish refugees, half of them Jews. Many died en route to Siberia."

In relation to the 1953 Doctors’ Plot, Rapoport states that the plan was to first execute the doctors under the fictitious charges and “Then ‘incidents’ would follow: attacks on Jews orchestrated by the secret police, the publication of the statement by the prominent Jews, and a flood of other letters demanding that action be taken. A three­stage program of genocide would be followed. First, almost all Soviet Jews . . . would be shipped to camps east of the Urals . . . Second, the authorities would set Jewish leaders at all levels against one another . . . Also the MGB [Secret Police] would start killing the elites in the camps, just as they had killed the Yiddish writers . . . the previous year. The . . . final stage would be to ‘get rid of the rest.’”

It is chilling to read Greenstein’s denial of all this. He should be thoroughly ashamed of himself although I suspect he has no shame.

Oh and don't miss Rance's mentor's take on the Protocols of the Elders of Zion here.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Bugger Boys Exposed over at Harry's Place

Harry's Place has been doing a bang-up wonderful job of exposing Tony Greenstein, the mentor of Roland Buggerance, and his sidekick Mark Elf the jihadist Alf impersonator. Consider this web page:

Fighting on the same side as Tony Greenstein is Mark “Jews Sans Frontiers” Elf. This character divides the world into anti-Zionists (good) and Zionists (bad.) Elf believes that Zionists are “dominating, if not controlling, the whole media” and that his blog, in its own small way, is a counterbalance to this domination. (As an aside, if there are any media journalists reading this, can they please confirm that on their application form for their job, as well as having to provide references, they had to swear allegiance to the State of Israel.)
Elf will of course claim that he is only anti-Zionist and not in the slightest bit antisemitic. Only last week he said:
The sad thing, I think, is this propensity for sheer instinctive dishonesty has become a habit of mind with many, maybe most, Jews. It's part of the culture now and it'll be a hard slog shifting it. I think as communities, the Jews are heading for a disaster thanks to this grotesque culture of deceit.
Surely, this was a simple slip up. Elf must have meant Zionists. He would not possibly be calling Jews dishonest would he?

Mark Elf sent Free the Peeps an email full of abusive language, accusing him of “betraying a woeful ignorance of racism.” Whilst Elf requested that any response was kept “off list,” Free the Peeps duly published Elf’s email complete with all the abuse together with his own response. As far as Free the Peeps was concerned, Machover, Greenstein, Elf and supporters were “using the exact same methods of intimidation that the zionist lobby uses to attack those that do not agree with the implementation of ‘Zionism in practice’ and the horrors that entails for Palestinians.” In no uncertain terms, he said of them:
If the group cannot find a more reasonable way of dealing with groups that they say they are supportive of, if they do not stop hounding and attempting to banish and silence their political adversaries, then I say they can FUCK OFF! I want nothing to do with them. Hopefully others will take the same line.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Roland Rance and Lenni Brenner - Co-Nazis planning the final solution

Embodying the Nexus uniting Stalinism, Neo-Nazism and Islamofascism, all rolled up into two.